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of Celebritans Cattery

Our cattery is a home based cattery of British cats in solid colours: blue, chocolate, black.
Cats live with our family and kids. Our family cares of our furry members.

Our cats getting a good quality food, regularly vaccinations and test.
Getting a British kitten from us, you can be sure in his health.   read more>>>

Make your choice – and let it be successful.
A cat should bring only love, good and positive emotions into your life.
Celebritans Cattery

Our New litter of Celebritans Cattery was born Nov. 1, 2017

Our Sirs and Madams

Sir :Potap of CeleBritans >>>
Madam : Caramel of CeleBritans >>> Madam : Jasmine of CeleBritans >>>
Madam : Ofelia of CeleBritans >>> Madam : Bonnie of CeleBritans >>>
Sir : Timothy of New Choice >>>

We give our British cats for FREE or small money in case:

– In case of the retirement from our Cattery ( out of breeding);

– In case of “force majeure” ( allergy, moving to another country)